skin whitening

What can cause whitening of the skin and what precautions should be followed during this procedure?

Many young people use special tools that help to whiten certain areas of the skin or make its tone lighter. Various creams, scrubs and tablets can be used to achieve this effect. Regular cosmetic procedures such as peeling and laser facial cleansing also bring good results.

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However, not many users of skin lightening products know that this procedure is not harmless to health. Regular its holding can lead to the manifestation of side effects and serious health problems. That is why it is important to remember the negative consequences that can come as a result of skin whitening.

The principles of operation of the products for skin whitening

Regular use of skin whitening products or carrying out cosmetic procedures leads to reduce the natural production of melanin by the skin.

People whose skin is dark have a greater amount of melanin. Its production is enhanced by sunlight and chemicals.

The interaction of whitening cosmetic products with human skin reduces the production of melanocytes. This causes the skin tone to become lighter.

Problems that can be caused by skin whitening

A few years ago, the Food and Drug Administration made a statement that some bleaching agents and skin preparations are unsafe and can cause serious problems. Since then, a number of countries have banned the production and marketing of such products.

The results of studies have shown that skin whitening can lead to a number of side effects that have a negative impact on human health:

  1. Mercury poisoning. Mercury content in bleaching agents is simply unacceptable for products manufactured in the United States. However, some products imported from other countries are likely to contain mercury.
  2. Skin inflammation. Some products used for whitening contain components that cause irritation and inflammation of the skin. These results were obtained in the course of a number of studies.
  3. Steroid acne. Many whitening creams include corticosteroids. They very often lead to the appearance of steroid acne on the skin of the face, which is very difficult to get rid of.
  4. Nephrosis. This is a condition in which the renal system of the body is disrupted. Such a violation occurs as a result of the use of skin whitening products containing mercury.

Precautions when using bleaching products

It is possible to benefit from products intended for skin whitening if you follow the doctor’s recommendations or the rules specified on the packaging of the drug:

  1. Apply the product to the skin only after washing your hands.
  2. Do not expose the product to the mucous membrane of the eyes, mouth or nose.
  3. Wash hands thoroughly after contact with the product.
  4. Do not touch the skin of another person that has been treated with bleaching agents.
  5. Be sure to use sunscreen to prevent the harmful effects of sunlight on the skin.


Remember that the Food and Drug Association does not regulate the release of products intended for skin whitening and warns that they are unsafe.

The use of bleaching agents by people with dark skin colour can lead to hyperpigmentation. Such products are also absolutely contraindicated for use by children, pregnant and breastfeeding women.

Consult a qualified professional if you think you need to use skin whitening products. Do not choose such products on your own in any case!

Buy products for skin whitening only known and trusted brands. Visit a beauty shop or pharmacy and carefully examine the range of cosmetics for skin whitening which sold there.