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A Homemade Herbal Remedy to Boost Your Body Defenses

To stay healthy and active, one should keep their immune system running properly. When its performance occasionally drops, it is necessary to have a remedy at hand which can boost it promptly. The best approach, however, is to maintain your body defenses at a level sufficient to avoid preventable health failures. If over-the-counter formulations are not the option that matches your lifestyle, feel free to consider natural remedies. Time-tested all the mankind history long, many of them can be easily crafted at home. With such domicile solutions, be it a powder, tincture or tea, you may rest assured that what you ingest is 100% natural and safe. Along with that, this kind of remedies can sometimes provide effectiveness not inferior to that of prescribed pills or drops.

Natural Ingredients

  • As a good example to support the above statement, consider the following recipe. It involves a number of popular ingredients, which are both natural and affordable. The best thing, however, is that effectiveness of the herbs listed below can be supported by evidence collected by traditional medicine as well as relevant scientific studies.
  • Astragalus. This herb has been used by Chinese healers since ages. Nowadays, we know it features proven antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. To take advantage of the benefits, the plant’s root is used as a part of immune system boosting remedies formulated to improve body responses to a variety of infections coming from outside.
  • Angelica is another plant whereof root is used for the same purpose. Cold symptoms and respiratory ailments are just a few use cases where this ingredient can help.
  • Ginger. This herb is widely used in different forms as an anti-oxidant remedy. Additionally, it has anti-inflammatory effect and can promote treatment of many health problems including muscle pains.
  • Honey is a natural foodstuff famous for its antibacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Tasty, it is willingly added by many to various healthy dishes and formulations. Boosting the immune system, it prevents bad cells proliferation in the human body.

The Recipe

Here is one version of a healing blend that can be helpful when it comes to strengthening or maintaining body defenses. Make sure you have 1 teaspoon of honey, dried roots of angelica and astragalus (about 1 ounce each), dried chamomile ( a half of ounce), dried orange peel (1 teaspoon), dried ginger (1 teaspoon), 1 stick of cinnamon, cardamom seeds (1 teaspoon) and about 10 ounces of alcohol (preferably vodka).
First, dissolve the lump of honey in a small amount of water and let the solution cool down. Then, pour the mass into a jar, add the other ingredients, flood with vodka and stir thoroughly. Seal the container tightly and put it to a dark, cool place to infuse. It will take up to a month to reach the necessary strength. Regularly, preferably every day, shake the container for better infusion. Once ready, filter the remedy using muslin cheesecloth.
Use a few drops of the tonic added to your morning tea or when there is danger of getting flu or cold. Store the container airtight at room temperature.